To Those Who Wait

I hope I don’t jinx things with this post. Dear lord, I REALLY hope that I don’t jinx things with this post.

Things have been going so well for me lately. My ex-husband got DCS/CPS called on him about 2 weeks ago and ever since then, the CPS investigation has been going really, really good! The DCS/CPS worker called me and asked me if I had any concerns, while reassuring me that the allegations were NOT against me in any way, shape, or form. I told her everything. The lack of clothing, the dirtiness, the diaper rash, the tardiness, the apparent starvation, the bug bites, the state of his apartment when I go to pick my children up. Literally EVERYTHING. What was even funnier is that she told me over the phone that was pretty much what the report that was filed said.

Anyway, she told me to document everything and take pictures. She’s continuing to follow-up with my ex. I’m trying to find a low-fee attorney. I’m hoping things go in my favor this time because during the divorce, he lied his way through it and got everything he wanted. I’m just thanking everything that he didn’t ask for full custody because he probably would have gotten that too.

I get my babies for Christmas, though! I didn’t last year because he fought it. 😦 I’m friggin ECSTATIC this year! They’re all getting good gifts this year, and not just from me and my fiance. 😀


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