This blog started out as a therapeutic way for K.C. to release stress from everyday life. It still is.

In this blog, known on “Child of the Moon”, you will find a little bit of everything. You will find quotes various in various topics. You will read articles, or more correctly, editorials, with no lack of correct information and sources listed. You will find creative writings: poems and clippings of short stories. Sometimes it is completely random. Sometimes it is from a prompt or challenge.

In this blog you will see into the mind of the blogger as she writes through her stress when she has no one to turn to or when is happy and just feels like writing about it. You will gaze as she writes through her journey, but by no means is that all she will write about.

For a Child of the Moon is always changing.

* * *


She aspires to have more of her work published one day; she currently has two of her poems in print and is working on a novel she hopes to finish her NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

K.C. likes to read fiction novels, listen to various forms of music, sing to her favorite songs, dance for both fun and exercise, and write poems, short stories, and other various fictional novels and novellas.

She does not blog to gain fame. She blogs in the hopes that someone who reads her blog may gain or learn something from it: a lesson, a laugh, inspiration, realization. If she manages any of that, she will feel accomplished no matter what.


Comments Are Greatly Appreciated, Thanks!

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