Choosing Sides. Amnesia?

My last post made me think. I was thinking about it all day, thinking about that and more.

That was not the first time I had encountered my stepfather when he was angry, nor would it be the last. What it made me realize, though, is that every time something like that happened… I moved out. He was not kicked out. My mother did not leave him. I was the one who left; I was the one who, essentially, was told she was in the wrong. At least, that’s how it feels now.

I spoke with my mother that day. I asked her several things, mostly about my childhood, before and after that specific incident. I fibbed to her a little bit, not stating that I awoke in the middle of the night nearly screaming because of the memory of it happening appearing in my dream. No, I didn’t want that to haunt her, knowing that she put her oldest child and only daughter at risk; I didn’t want that. I did call her that day with a purpose that day.

Throughout the whole day I had been thinking, going through my memories of the incidences and there are only three specific times that I can remember living at my mother’s while she was with my stepfather and then having to move back in with my Grandparents after something happened. Two of which have to do with my stepfather. One of them, there is a 2-3 week blank in my memory, starting with my last day of school when I lived with my mother and stepfather & beginning again with my first day back after winter break at a new school and living with my Grandparents again. Somewhere in-between that timeframe of 2-3 weeks something happened and I moved out.

I was in fifth grade. It was exactly a year before I had my seizure, leading to my diagnosis of epilepsy.

My mother could remember the incident of my stepfather chasing me through the house in a rage and me running to my room in fright, closing the door behind me and locking the door and him bursting it open, breaking the lock then hovering over me cowering on my bed, with his fist above his head; she could remember that clearly. That was the summer before I advanced to third grade.

My mother could remember the incident in ninth grade, the incident from the previous post. All of these were at least 10 years ago.

So how does she not remember the incident from the winter of my fifth grade year? I had called my aunt, her sister, before I called my mother to ask about it because, honestly, I was afraid of asking my mother. But my aunt didn’t have an answer; she didn’t know.

I can’t even give you a straight answer on what my mother told me. She was vague and tried to stay away from the topic of what happened. In the end, though, she did blame it on the fact of “that might have been when your absence seizures started”.  Absence seizures being basically when I space out. That’s the only outward sign and then I have no recollection of what happened during said time period of the seizure. They normally last 3-5 SECONDS.

How do I tell my mother, who definitely knows all the information about my epilepsy & the types of seizures I have, that there’s no way it could have erased 2-3 weeks of my memory and that I have AMNESIA. How do I tell her that she’s lying and it’s so obvious it’s ridiculous? How? What could have happened to me?

My husband thinks that there’s a possibility that something severe happened to me and she’s covering up for my stepfather. Honestly, I don’t doubt it. It just makes me worried because nobody will tell me, even more-so because she is still with my stepfather.

I’m scared.


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Sickness and Health [Problems]

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve last posted, I am sad to say, but I promise I have good excuses. 😉

If anybody can protest that having three children with bronchiolitis (information below) and dealing with health issues myself, then I will gladly give over on my excuses. But seriously, bronchiolitis sucks! And I feel horrible for my children! Apparently they’ve had it for a while, but I thought it was just a cold. Stupid symptoms. Grrrr…. >:-/

Anyway, I’ve been working on a bunch of things when I got the chance, such as when my little ones were down for naptime or sleeping during the night. I normally feel asleep soon after they did, and I try to do housework during the day, to little avail unfortunately, so not much has gotten accomplished.

More specifically, though, I’ve been working on a *very special* blog post that I will hopefully get posted either later this evening or tomorrow sometime. ^_^

I had a neurologist appointment today, for myself actually. I only see him once every 6-12 months normally. It’s not good news this time; my disease is getting worse and less controlled. I’m being put on a trial medicine, weaned off of one as I [slowly] start taking another. It’s been over ten years since I was diagnosed, and many more than five years since they stopped messing with my medicines. I just wish it wasn’t acting up.

What’s worse is that when I mentioned to my neurologist today that I was having speech problems – stuttering, slurring, difficulty talking in general – he got very worried. He said that it was out of the norm for my disease and not an associated side effect of any of my current medications. He said he would be calling me, personally, within a week or two to discuss it further with me. He looked seriously distraught.

That doesn’t leave me with high hopes.

I already know that I’m going to be on medication for the rest of my life. I already know it’s not curable. What else could go wrong? I hate this. I hate having epilepsy, seizures, whatever you want to call them (information below). I was told once that I have every type of seizure there known, most of them being inside the brain. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s a scary thought.

And it what sucks even more? They don’t even know why I have epilepsy in the first place.

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Epilepsy –