Unfair Income Discrimination

Renting problem solved. I think.

One of my children’s therapists rents homes, a family business I believe, and I mentioned to her what happened on Friday to my fiance and I. First of all, she laughed because she knew the woman-landlord and said that she IS very picky and won’t rent to certain people, but more than that, apparently the therapist and her husband went out to eat with the woman-landlord (Donnie, her name was, I think) on Saturday night and she mentioned that “a set of twins got into the black enamel paint that I just painted the stairs”. I was talked about! Great. -__-;;

Anyway, the therapist told me that it’s kind of good that I won’t be moving there because it’s not a very good neighborhood (I don’t know the town, I’m not from there, but she is) and it’s mostly druggies and has lots of break-ins. I told her the area looked nice, as did the houses. I’ll trust her though. Since she actually rents houses in that town, one would have to assume she knows the area fairly well!


She told me that it doesn’t look good that neither my fiance nor I have a job. I don’t because I’m not allowed to work per SSI rules. Well, actually, per my doctor’s orders and until that’s lifted, I’m stuck at home. Which sucks.

My fiance, on the otherhand, doesn’t work because he’s a full-time student in college. He’s taking 5 classes and even though he’s studious, reading chapters and trying to get ahead so when he actually gets to the assignment and the class he’ll be prepared he won’t have to worry so much, but he just isn’t able; there’s so much to do in life. He’s told me before already that he’s a slow reader and that’s one of his big problems. He’s behind in one of his classes and I just feel so bad; he’s trying so hard!

I’ve heard that a lot of people won’t even consider college students for renting their apartments or houses to.

But apparently one of us needs to be working, because paying until January just doesn’t fit it. And they won’t accept the fact that I’m on SSI, TANF, and other government programs. Gah.

I call discrimination.

We have the money. We’re able to move in, but noooo~ we can’t because we don’t have jobs? Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I hate it, but I have to live with it. I’ll deal with it because I have no other choice.

Hopefully things will change. Soon.


House-Hunting FAIL

So, I need a little bit of advice.

Well, erm, that is to say… my fiance and I do. :-/

As I previously posted, my fiance and I finally have the money to rent a house. We’re planning on paying deposit, first month’s rent and 3-5 more months of rent. We have a decent amount of money, especially since my fiance just got his financial aid from his university.

Buuuuut~ apparently that’s not good enough. I’m a stay-at-home mom with minimal money living off of the government; I’ve said a few times that I am and I didn’t think it was such a big deal. I mean, almost everybody in the county I’m living in seems to be on some sort of government program. Of course, there are those people who aren’t that overreact, or those people from out of state or a different county that look down upon me. It’s kind of blah, but that’s different.

Well, actually, even the people on certain governmant programs look down upon it, but I’m getting off topic.

Point is, I didn’t think it too unusual, too big of a deal, until today.

My fiance and I went to see a house we were thinking about renting today. The ad sounded good and we were hopeful. Well, things aren’t always as they seem. We got to the house (it was in a different county) and he went in to announce that we had arrived and to make sure that we could bring in the children; they said we could, so he came back and he helped me round up the little ones and we all went in.

It was a woman landlord, first off. No, I’m not sexist (obviously – I’m a female too, lol), but I will admit to expecting a man to be the landlord. I’ve never really met a female one in my experience. First time for everything, I guess. Anyway, she seemed very friendly and talkative, cooing on about the kids. Then she started asking questions, though it was expected as we were there about the house she was still fixing up.

She asked about our income, how we expected to pay. My fiance told her point-blank that we’d pay her up-front through February and when February came around he’d pay her the other half up-front. I had already replied about my income. What we didn’t expect, and was kind of rude of her actually, was her to turn to me after my fiance spoke to her and say “Well you don’t get enough per month to pay for rent and utilities.”

Honestly. My jaw dropped. I was soooo offended. It was like she just blew off what my fiance said, like she didn’t believe him.

I replied to her though. I told her, once again, how much I got per month. She just seemed to look at me with this false innocent look and then say, almost like she knew that I was offended and didn’t care – false sense of innocence again – “Oh, so you’re on foodstamps?”

I nodded my head at her and told her that “Yes, I am” and told her of the other various government programs I’m on.

She didn’t seem to look too highly upon me or act as friendly with either me or my fiance after that brief interlude. I just can’t figure it out.

The thing is, though, while the house in general is nice, there are sooooo many things that she so obviously has no idea about.

I’m not a judgmental person by any means. That’s not me bragging, that’s me repeating what other people have told me about myself and finally admitting it outloud (figuratively speaking). I try to think the best of people, give second chances and all that jazz that most people take for granted and think is lacking in the world. Well, let’s face it, I grew up with my grandparents so I’m a little old school, so to speak.


This lady-landlord – Donnie, I think her name was – was REpainting every room, along with painting the stairs. As my fiance and I were coming into the house she had just finished painting the stairs: black. She painted the stairs black. That’s HUGE hazard! You can’t see stairs in the dark if they’re painted black! I mean, seriously?

And she was painting every room a different color. A different BOLD color. The living room had a deep burgundy ceiling and the room off of it, I think it was supposed to be some sort of office, had a Harley Davidson theme: it was bright orange with a stretch of “Harley Davidson” paneling running across the midline. The bathroom was a deep, bright blue, themed ocean. The kitchen was basically connected to the living room, seperated by a bar only, and had black and white tile and yellow paint.

I really don’t think she knew what she was doing.

My fiance and I have discussed it and though we figure she’s not going to choose us because she doesn’t “like us”, it’s probably better that way. She was very unprofessional and she had no idea what she was doing. She had us write our information on INDEX CARDS for crying out loud! I don’t think we would have even signed contracts if we’d gotten it. Either way, we won’t know until sometime next week, though we’re already looking in to other places.

But back to my ORIGINAL dilemma that I never really addressed. Is it really that big of a deal for him to not have a job even though he has proof of his income as do I to mine? According to the fair housing act, it’s discrimination and illegal, but I guess if we really don’t have proof (even though we technically do). It’s just kind of blah. One place we looked at wouldn’t even LOOK at us because my fiance was a full-time student and required a co-signer and was going to up our rent if we “met their standards”. How messed up is that?

I don’t know. Things are going a bit downhill now. I wish things would look up for once.

(Lack of) Dog Rant

So apparently I’m not even allowed to have a dog in my apartment without telling my landlord. Seriously. I don’t own a dog. I was never allowed a pet growing up so I wouldn’t know the first thing about  what to do with any sort of pet. Also, with three kids, who in their right mind would accuse me of actually owning a dog? I’ll admit, I’ve “babysat” my fiance’s dog a few times in the past year and a half, but I didn’t think anything of it. The dog is old; the dog is quiet; the dog is friendly and the dog sleeps so much I just don’t have to worry about her when I did.

Well, apparently somebody in my apartment complex decided I owned a dog and “complained” about me owning a dog when I’m not allowed. Ok. That’s cool and all, except, well… I DON’T OWN A DOG! NEVER HAVE!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a dog-hater. I love animals. All animals. Especially if they’re friendly and/or cute. Most especially both. It’s just that the accusation is unjustified!

Now, if my fiance and I were living together, it would be a valid accusation, but as stated before, he has a different living space, so it is not just unreasonable. It’s dumb.

Besides, even if I did, there are so many other people that own dogs, cats, and various other animals in the whole complex and they haven’t gotten in trouble, so why me? I haven’t done anything wrong. I follow the rules. I turn in my rent on time, along with every other bill. I keep my place clean and my children as quiet as they’re going to be when they’re under five years old.

So seriously?

I have half a mind to go to my landlord and ask why I have to notify them everytime I “babysit” a dog, because it seems ridiculous. Especially when it’s on short notice or at a moment in time that I wouldn’t be able to notify them. Like the weekend.

I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve almost got enough money to move out of my apartment. Keyword: almost. It’ll probably still be about a month. Gah.