Ruined Before It Came

I’m really bad at this updating thing. Gah.


Somebody PLEASE remind me to kick my ex-husband’s ASS because he completely ruined any and all Valentine’s Days to come because of what he did on last year’s Valentine’s Day!!!

I asked my fiance if he wanted to do anything this year for V-Day next month, if he had to work that day, if he wanted me to get a babysitter for the kids and so on and he said he hadn’t really thought about it because everytime he thinks about Valentine’s he gets pissed off to the extreme because of what happened last year.

Oh yeah. What happened last year.

My ex had the kids for the weekend and my fiance and I went on a date a couple hours away – reservations, fancy dress, make-up, nails, heels, and all. And the whole time we were sitting at dinner? My ex was texting me: “when are you coming back?” “are you on your way back yet?” “will you please hurry up?” I got so pissed off that night and we ended up leaving early from our date. It cost, I came later to find out, over $200 for our meal. Like I said: super fancy.

Well, my ex-husband isn’t in the picture at all anymore and I told my fiance that. I’ve reiterated it quite a few times, actually, and said that my mom and stepfather are more than trustworthy enough to take care of the kids and won’t call and ask “when are you coming to get them?”, especially if they know what’s going on or if we schedule ahead of time. I think I’ve got him convinced a little bit, but I think it’s more of me hoping than anything actually happening. Gaaaaah.

I’m gonna hurt my ex-husband so bad.

Well, maybe not literally, but it feels SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD to “say it out loud”. 😉 Hehehe.

Here’s to hoping things get better!



I can’t believe I almost forgot! I’ve been so busy with moving and dieting and exercising and a little bit of everything in between I almost forgot that after October came November. Heck, I almost forgot we were in October.

I really need to stop myself from thinking in an “Ernie” voice from Sesame Street. It’s starting to irritate me. Back to writing.

But seriously! I really did almost forgot the month! I barely remembered about November and then I flipped out! Anybody who’s serious about writing KNOWS that November is the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and it’s, like, everywhere.

So, earlier today, I started my novel. I’m only, y’know…. three and a half days behind. It’s all good. I’ve been planning to start writing this forever, so no biggie.

And I’m proud. I already have nearly 2000 words written!

Though… when the goal is 50,000 words, that’s not a lot. 😦

Things’ll work out eventually. Even with lack of sleep because I drank too much caffeine and was too busy worrying about the fact that our fridge is going out.

Yeah, I need sleep. Badly. My oldest child is getting up in a half an hour for school. I’m doomed. :-/


I’m Ba~ack!

So… this month has been crazy hectic.

My last post was written in the time between my fiance and I signing a lease for a house and us starting to move in. It’s been complete chaos since then. Packing things into boxes and plastic totes, shoving random things into the car, moving big things over to the house with my Mom, PLUS the fun time we’ve had switching the electric and water over. Oh, and don’t forget the four or five times we had to try to get Internet. Gah. That was sooooo~ not fun. Even though, y’know, my fiance was the one doing most of the arguing about the Internet blustering. ^^;;

I’m happy to say that we’re most of the way moved in, minus some tables and dressers that my Mom and fiance are going to get tomorrow. Well, the old place needs some cleaning up too before I turn in my keys. Oh. Did I forget to mention it’s my stuff that needs to finish being moved? Yeah. Just my luck. -__-;;

We’re doing pretty good and I’m really excited about finally having a home with my fiance and my three lovely children. It just feels… right… somehow. And I’m glad. It’s not a perfect home, but a first house never is and we’re only renting it for a year or two at most, hopefully. We plan on finishing our college degrees, saving up some money, and then moving to a different – and better – place in a different city. I don’t know if it’ll happen, but you gotta have some sort of plan to get something accomplished eventually, right?

Well, sorry this is so short, but I felt like I needed to write something  now that I have Internet again since it’s been so long. I’ll try and update more, but since we’re still doing the finishing touches on moving in and organizing everything, I might not be able to blog as much as I most definitely want. Again, it’s a work in progress.

Hopefully I’ll write something more interesting. And soon! 😉