Ain’t that the truth?

Note to self: continuing nausea and fatigue does NOT automatically mean I’m pregnant no matter how much I wish it so. Patience, young grasshopper, is the key.


From a “Concerned Citizen”

Earlier today my fiance took me and my kids to run a few errands around town and afterward we waited because he had one of his own. Plus two of my children had fallen asleep.

We were sitting in the parking lot of the local video store and a truck puls in front of my fiance’s car. Diagonally.

And took up THREE parking spaces.

Out of the truck came a slightly overweight man who seemed incapable of taking his eyes off his cell phone; I think he was texting. Along with him came an overweight teen male, maybe 16-years old, and three young children no older than 10 years old.

I was disgusted by the older man’s behavior in front of the children, both the parking space and the cell phone incidents.

So disgusted, in fact, that I decided to leave a note.

Yes. A note.

I happen to carry a notepad and pen with me at all times. After rewriting it around three times, the note ended up something like this:

“Dear Sir or Madam:
If you need so much room
to get out of your vehicle,
try losing weight not taking
up three parking spaces.

A Concerned Citizen”

It’s the first note I’ve ever left someone, especially just leaving it on their car, and I was super nervous. I tried to be inconspicuous about it and make like the person who wrote it, a.k.a: me, wasn’t the woman in the car across from him as he parked and got out of his truck who was gaping in “WTF” surprise-horror. (But I was, unfortunately.)

That, and the note read kind of rudely if you don’t understand the underlying message, which he most likely did not.

I wasn’t talking about losing physical weight. I meant his ego.