Pre-Conception to Birth

My Husband and I have been together for 2 wonderful years.
When we got together, I had twin 1-year old boys & a 2-year old.
Now we’ve decided to try and have a baby of our own.
This is our Journey.


12.13.2013 – And It Begins
12.14.2013 – We’ve Decided
1.18.2014 – I’m Late! I’m Late!
1.22.2014 – Female Issues
1.27.2014 – Baby Blues
1.31.2014 – Green
2.2.2014 – InBetweening
3.8.2014 – In the Works
3.18.2014 – Anticipation, Anxiety, & Grrrr

3.22.2014 – OMG!
3.29.2014 – Pregnancy Planning Begins
4.17.2014 – First Appointment
5.1.2014 – 10 Week Scare
5.10.2014 – Almost 12 Weeks!
5.12.2014 – Blah. Testing.
6.24.2014 – Almost Halfway Through
6.30.2014 – A New Worry to Test For




Warning: As I am discussing “trying to conceive” and related topics, there is the HIGH likelihood of the mentioning of the inner workings of the female reproductive system. It is not meant to offend or gross out anybody.


Comments Are Greatly Appreciated, Thanks!

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