10-Week Scare

Not fun. Seriously not fun.

I’ve never had any problems with my past two pregnancies, pre-term labor aside. (It was twins!) Late last night my lower stomach started cramping a bit but I thought nothing of it. I took some acetaminophen, went to bed early and made sure I laid on my side. Well, the pain didn’t go away. The pain didn’t even ease off. It got worse. I dealt with it until morning. Around 10-11 this morning, right after I got my son off the bus, there was blood on my panty-liner and even more when I wiped after I used the bathroom. I started crying and freaking out.

I called my mid-wife. I told her everything, when it started, the area of pain, the blood. Everything. She asked if I’d be able to come in. I looked to my husband, who’d been listening in and he nodded. We were there within an hour. (We DO have three kids to get ready 3&under.)

We got to the office and my husband dropped me off at the door and said he would wait in the van with the boys. He’s a wonderful man. Anyway, I waddled my way to the office and they got me in so quick it was ridiculous!

They took a urine sample, weighed me, got my height and blood pressure, then took me back to a room where they had me undress from the waist down. The midwife came in less than five minutes later and asked me several questions: where did the pain originate? what does it feel like now? what would you rate it? have you bled anymore since you called? These questions and many more.

She listened for the baby’s heartbeat and, finally, found it. It was faint, but I’m barely ten weeks along and I have some extra chub on me. I was just happy to hear it.

She checked my cervix to make sure I wasn’t dilating. I wasn’t and that’s good, but she said my cervix is swollen and there was blood around the top. Meaning that it hadn’t come from the baby. She swabbed around it to run a diagnostic to double check for something just in case, but she said she thought that it was something some women get, a pregnancy cyst, from the influx of the hormones. She said sometimes they rupture and cause pain and bleeding. She asked, to confirm, if I’d had an unusual amount of discharge within the past day or so; I said yes.

She said that I more than likely had nothing to worry about, but in these sort of cases it’s better to be safe than sorry because you never know. After that, she went on to tell me to continue taking acetaminophen and to try and keep to bed rest for around a week. She mentioned using a heating pad every so often to help with the pain as well. She was very kind and helpful.

I’m just glad that everything is alright with my baby, well, as far as we know for now! 🙂


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