A New Worry to Test For

I got a call today while the kidlets and I were in the car waiting for the hubby to finish his business. The Quad Screen came back abnormal for Down Syndrome so they want to do additional testing. They want to do a extra-sensitive ultrasound, I forget the exact term they used, to check for any physical abnormalities on the baby & if any are shown I will have the option of having an Amniocentesis – where they stick a big needle in my tummy while viewing into my tummy with the ultrasound to make sure they don’t hit the baby and get some amniotic fluid to check for Down Syndrome. The Amniocentesis is entirely optional and only if there are physical abnormalities; the good part being it’s supposed to be nearly painless and less than 1% risk to either me or the baby.

I’m worried, don’t get me wrong, because at this point in my life I don’t think we’d be able to handle a child with Down Syndrome along with the other three kidlets we already have. I would love the child sooooo much – I would love any child I bear – it’s the difficulty and extraneous costs that worries me.

My husband is more worried than I am; I’m the optimist out of the two of us, but he’s really freaking out. I did some research after I got the call with the appointment date/time for the ultrasound & found out some stats. I compared the stats with the number of live births in the United States last year and came up with a rough percentage. I checked the numbers and calculations again and again, even going so far as to find & use an online percentage calculator to [re]double-check what I came up with; it all came out the same.

The percentage I came up with was .15178956%, or .1528% (rounded). If I’m right, that’s less than a 1% chance of a child getting Down Syndrome.

My husband’s been working nights the past couple of days & then sleeping throughout the day so I haven’t gotten the time to really speak to him about the percentages and stats, but I told him the basics about it. He’s just worried. He checks his email at work occasionally so I sent him an email telling him about it – short, sweet, and informative. I hope it calms him down. It did me to some extent.

Doesn’t make me any less worried though. Guess I’m just reassured by the fact that out of the three kids I have birthed so far, none of them have Down Syndrome yet.

And that lights hope like none other in my heart.


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