Almost 12 Weeks!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve update and I apologize for that. I’ve been kind of busy with the whole nausea thing. Oh yeah, and the horrible back aches and the constant naps I’ve been taking. It’s been hectic.

But, unsurprisingly, that’s how the first trimester works. I think I’m one of the lucky ones that actually didn’t vomit throughout the whole thing. Just horrible, horrible nausea and a super-sensitive sniffer that caused me to nearly puke every other day. Not. Fun.

Now, though, I’m almost at 12 weeks and the symptoms are weedling down. My back doesn’t hurt as much any more and I’m getting more sleep at night because of it, though my left side still hurts a lot, but that might be because of some other condition not yet diagnosed (it’s being worked on). The nausea is, thankfully, barely there, though my nose is still hyper-sensitive and my food choices are limited because of it. Now, at least, I don’t have the urge to puke every time I smell something. It’s progress… I think.

I’m still sleepy quite a bit though. That hasn’t changed a lot. Yesterday I slept from 9PM to 5PM. In case that confuses you, I slept almost a full 24 hours, waking up only to go to the bathroom – and only twice at that! – and then meandering back to my bedroom and passing back out directly. I was worn out for no reason. It was sad. The day before was almost just as bad, but not quite: 1030PM to 330PM? Yeah, not as bad.

News though! I think I’m starting to show early! I know, I know, it’s not that early, but still! I’ve already outgrown most of my shorts, khakis, and jeans – I don’t really own many skirts and the ones that I do I’m pretty sure will last most of the pregnancy. What’s convinced me that I’m starting to show already, though, is the fact that I’ve lost a couple pounds (I’m slightly overweight & I acknowledge that, but not by a lot) and I’m STILL outgrowing clothes. Even ones that were once big on me. Yeah, I think my belly is starting to poke out. Go baby!

I’m so excited, though. Really I am. My fiance and I have already put a carseat on lay-away at Babies-R-Us and have started payments and on Monday we go for an ultrasound and Early Glucose Test (because diabetes runs in my family hardcore). He’s so excited. He’s constantly stopping in at Babies-R-Us without me on his way home from work just to look at baby stuff and to plan for our upcoming addition to the family. Heck, we’re already attempting to choose names even though we don’t know the gender of the baby!

It’s all so exciting!


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