Almost Half-Way Through

I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy – 18 weeks, in fact! I found out today that I haven’t gained any weight yet in the pregnancy so I’ve come to the conclusion that “I” am losing weight and BABY is GAINING weight, kind of evening it out. It makes sense… sort of… right?

Went to see my mid-wife again today, though. My hubby was with me. It wasn’t too exciting. Just asked me some basic questions about how I was feeling and if anything new had come up. I mentioned that I’d been having *ahem* diarrhea and I thought it was making my hemorrhoids [that never went away after the twins] act up & they were getting painful. She said that, yes, that was probably true and that witchhazel solution would help or soaking in the tub with some warm water and bath salts. I was just happy to hear there was some form of relief.

My mid-wife also asked me if I wanted something called a “Quad-screen” test done to test for a few genetic/chromosomal abnormalities. They said it wasn’t a diagnostic, it was just to see if there I was a carrier and if there was an abnormality then they would run additional testing depending on the result. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to go for it; it doesn’t seem like such a big deal and I can’t remember if I got the test for the other two pregnancies. They came in a drew a vial of blood from me and said the results would be back in around a week.

We had discussed previously if I was able to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), because at my first appointment they had needed to get my other records to see what kind of was made to my uterus to make sure it was an option and they still hadn’t given us an answer so I asked the mid-wife again. She double checked and said that I could and that I was doubly a candidate because I had already delivered vaginally with my first child, which will make it easier on me.

And after all of that, we were told to make an appointment next month to be seen in the clinic opening closer to our home and that we could leave! Whoop-whoop!


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