And It Begins

And this is how it all starts.

We went to the store today. My aunt said she’d babysit the children for us. (Mind you, this was after the twins’ therapist had left.) Firstly, we went and picked up a CRT television for the kids and then we went to Kroger’s to pick up some groceries. We joked around while we walked through the store, which isn’t unusual; we just did it more that normal.

And then I made an offhand comment on how cute someone’s little girl was; she couldn’t have been more than three (3) years old. Our conversation went from there into “our daughter” and how “when I get pregnant” and “when are you going to give me a little girl?” and such comments as we bantered back and forth. There was the added medical detail that he pointed out of “your doctor wants proof that your hormones and your epilepsy are related – so if you get pregnant and then you can visit your seizure doctor within the first three months and last two months!”

I wanted to squee so bad, though I did hold off on doing such, particularly since I wasn’t sure if he was being serious or not. It was a good idea though.

But I brought it up later in the form of “So when are you going to let me have a baby girl?” I said it in a friendly form of sarcasm that I knew he would recognize. His [surprising, to me] reply was: ”Well, we have to get rid of your birth control first… so after that. If I’m even able to have kids.”

And then we got into a discussion about him – whether he’s fertile or infertile because, apparently, him and his ex tried for to have a child, though not very hard, and never succeeded. From the way I’ve been told of it, they only tried sporadically for around 1-2 weeks and she’s very sickly, which doesn’t tend to help. She always blamed him for never getting pregnant, but honestly? I just think they didn’t give it enough time to try.

And now he’s talking about having a baby soon with me. I’m all excited and stuff. I like babies. And my loverly.

I can’t wait! ❤


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