So I’ve come to a realization.

I hate the in-between phase.

You know! That waiting phase between ovulation and the beginning of the next menses – when you bleed again? I hate it. Because these 2-3 weeks are what’s keeping me from knowing if I am preggers or not, but also what’s, if I am, making me so. It’s crazy stuff!

I guess I should be thankful that this is the second month that we’re TTC because last month I was a mess of stress & anxiety & impatience and I wanted to know NOW. Thinking back on it, a lot of the symptoms that I “had” were probably in my mind because I wanted to be pregnant so bad. I’ve heard that can happen if you want it bad enough, the whole psychological bit and all.

This month I’m just trying to let things go as they are, naturally, and try not to think about things as much. I’m trying to keep relaxed and not stress. I’m trying to keep up with my eating healthy and exercising, like I have been the past couple of months, and I’ve taken up meditation and yoga (sparingly), which I think has helped me de-stress a lot, I believe.

I guess it’s just about keeping hopes up and not thinking too much. Things’ll work out as they should on their own time. I believe in that thoroughly.


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