In the Works

So sorry for the lack of posts. Most of February my fiance and I had no internet because our [previous] internet provider could not seem to send someone out to fix it, even though they kept saying they did. In the end, we switched providers. Yay for internet again! ^_^

Anyways, now that it’s back and we’re not busy anymore I can tell you that I’m STILL not preggers. Second month and no luck. I am slightly unhappy about it, but it’s only the second month we’ve tried so it’s not so big a deal. We haven’t given up hope and we are going to continue trying.

My menstrual cycle came on time, albeit a day early, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve now got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I’ve downloaded an app that will help me track my menstrual cycle and ovulation. I’m hoping it works soooooo much. I’m learning that I have to just de-stress, keep up with my vitamins, and remember to eat healthy and exercise regularly and don’t overdo it. I’m trying to limit my alcohol intake and sleep more too, though I think I have a hardcore case of insomnia. Lately I’ve been going to sleep early and waking up 3-5 hours later waaaaaaay before my alarm wakes up. That’s no fun either.

I’m happy though. I’ve been keeping track of my BBT (basal body temperature) and CM (cervical mucus) and all the changes. I’ve come to realize that my average body temperature doesn’t get any higher than mid-97F, which is actually high for me; it’s normally closer to 95F. (I told my fiance this and he said, jokingly, “So you really are a cold bitch!” We both laughed.)

If the app I installed last week is correct, though, then I just passed ovulation. Guess it’ll be a couple weeks till I know for sure! So nervous!!!!


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