Pregnancy Planning Begins

If you didn’t catch my drift before: I’M PREGNANT.

I’m so excited it’s ridiculous, especially since I already have three children, but there’s a big difference here: I was trying to get pregnant this time. No, that doesn’t mean that I love my other three children any less than I will love the child that is forming in my womb now, it’s just a different feeling – a more wholesome feeling. It’s new to me, in this sense, and I like it. Plus, it’s been a couple years since I’ve been pregnant and I REALLY want a little girl to spoil. šŸ˜‰

As of right now I’m slightly over five (5) weeks along if I’m to go by the pregnancy app that I have on my phone. Apparently it’s really hard to find a reliable OB/GYN in my area, at least without traveling over an hour, because while there are several in my area, only a few would take my insurance and there were very few actually accepting patients. Then, of the ones accepting patients, most had a 2 month waiting list, so I wouldn’t be seen until, at the very soonest, May. How stupid is that? But back to the point. Since I’ve lived in this area before, I’ve been to a couple of the OB/GYNs since I’ve been pregnant before and more than once, in fact. Well, one of the OB/GYNs wouldn’t take me as a patient because of my aunt. Which is a stupid reason, but since she’s a bad patient and has a horrible temper, everyone assumes it runs in the family. Every time she’s fired from a doctor, I’m either “fired” from them as well, or when I try to go to them they won’t take me as a patient. Discrimination much?

Anyway, so I started looking for the next closest OB/GYN. Well, the next closest one is over an hour away. There’s plenty of GYNs in the area in-between, believe me, I know. My previous GYN who gave me the referral list is 45 minutes away and only two years ago stopped delivering babies. She delivered two of my children and I’ve seen her for awhile and I trust her; I’m actually really disappointed, but it’s not my choice to make. I’m just thankful she was able to give me a good recommendation.

I chose the midwife clinic a little over a hour away from where I live. My previous [OB]GYN recommended it specifically because I told her that I didn’t want a repeat c-section. I hated it and I only had to have it because it was an emergency, otherwise I wouldn’t have needed it. Before that, I had a normal delivery. She did tell me she wasn’t sure if they’d take my insurance or if they did VBACs (vaginal birth after caesarean), but that I should give them a call anyways, because if anyone did it would be them and they were the closest that she could think of.

Well, the midwife clinic DOES take my insurance and they DO practice VBACs. They did tell me that if it is necessary, I could have a c-section, but they will do everything in their power to ensure that I have a natural, normal delivery as I want. I’m so excited.

My appointment, due to MY schedule conflicts, is on April 17. They could have gotten me in much sooner, though. As in, March 31, sooner. I have great hopes and I’m so very excited.

My fiance and I decided to only share the news with a few people, not including my family. My family are spoil-sports. We’ve told my children’s therapists, who I’ve known for several years and they’re more like friends to me than just my children’s therapists. One is even helping with my wedding! We’ve told two of our friends and, of course, a couple doctors. I think that’s about it. I did discuss it with my fiance and I may end up telling my aunt [by marriage] who’s helping me with my wedding dress. I’m going to be 4-5 months along when I get married and more than likely showing so I’m going to need my dress altered around the middle and I’m going to have an explanation for that. We’re still discussing it, though. :-/

Other than that, everything is pretty perky-and-peppy. Nausea sucks, but at least I’m not puking. I hate the “being tired all the time” symptom, especially when I have three rambunctious kids running around wanting my attention and all I want to do is go and take a nap. I’ve already had to buy a new bra because my old one was too tight and hurting my boobs [and nipples]; now they’re not as sore. Yay! My lower back is just now starting to hurt, but that may be in part to something else. It’s hard to say at this point.

Hopefully all goes well from here on out! I’m so excited! Eeeeeeeee!


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