Blah. Testing.

Today was ultrasound and Early Glucose Test day. Yay. (Can you sense the sarcasm? At least for the Glucose test?)

The day started out relatively good. We avoided traffic and dropped off the kidlets at my mom’s for the day with no problem. The ultrasound was in a completely different town than that of my mid-wife, which is weird and makes no sense, but whatever. The ultrasound was first at 11AM, so we had to head out early.

My husband got a kick out of watching the baby on the monitor. It honestly looked like baby was waving at us! So cute! What’s awesome, though, is that in the pictures they printed off for us of the ultrasound… well, baby looks like a little alien. It’s awesome. Majority rules, after all. ūüėČ

We had roughly 3 hours until I had to be at the mid-wife’s office for the Blood Glucose Test and check-up, so we stopped at Olive Garden for lunch. We just had the soup, salad, and breadsticks. I ate lots of breadsticks [with alfredo sauce] and soup. And I had a lot to drink so I was peeing a lot. Good for the mid-wife, I guess.

Well, after eating, which took awhile because the place was packed and we just lounged around because we had time to spare, we headed out to the office a bit early because we weren’t sure exactly how far away from the mid-wife clinic we were. Turns out, about a half-hour away.

When we got there I was asked to pee¬†for a urine sample and then to¬†drink the Orange-flavored Glucose drink. Oh, the sugary yuckiness. It buuuuurrrrns! Literally, it’s so sugary it felt like it was burning my throat. Not fun. I was told they’d never had anyone down the drink as fast as I had though. I told them why draw it out? And laughed.

They got me, along with my hubby, back within fifteen minutes of me finishing the glucose drink. I was feeling a bit dizzy, but I wasn’t too worried. They took my weight (222.6lbs – but I’d just eaten! Of course I was gonna weigh more!), height, and blood pressure and then we went back to a room where I got to remove all my clothing bits because today was the day I got to have a full physical and they were going to “counsel” me on pregnancy diets and such. The physical, I can understand.

But I’ve been pregnant twice. I know what I’m doing with my diet.

Besides, the dietician lady who did the “counseling” was very judgmental. I think she assumed that since I was overweight that all I eat is cake and ice cream and sit on my ass all day. Which is untrue. I’m busy with my children. I eat healthy – full fiber, whole wheat, olive oil (when needed), bake or boil not fry. I actually really don’t like sweets and haven’t drank soda pop in a long time. At least regularly. I think I have the occasionally pop, but normally only in a restaurant. And the only caffeine I drink is tea, but it’s normally herbal and non-caffeinated.

She looked at me like I was lying. Seriously, just because you gave birth not long ago and look like a goddess and my last pregnancy was almost 3 years ago and I still haven’t lost all the weight does not mean crap. My twins and oldest child are less than a year apart and before I could lose all the weight from my first pregnancy I was pregnant again. I gained a lot and it’s hard to exercise with three children. I managed to get down to where I am FROM OVER 260LBS. I think that’s an accomplishment. I’m proud.

Back to everything though.

The physical went well and the woman was nice; she was older and had more experience which probably explains a lot of it. In the middle of the physical, though, they came in after my blood. Literally. My hour was up and they needed the blood for the Glucose test result. By then, though, I was feeling quite a bit dizzy. I’m actually afraid for the results to come back. Eck.

The mid-wife came in and let us hear the heartbeat again after the physical and gave us a timeline for when the test results should be back and if anything was abnormal they’d call. Then she said she’d like to see us again in a month and that we’re free to leave. Simple as that!

Yay for baby and being really dizzy!


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