First Appointment

Today was my first appointment to my OB/GYN as a pregnant woman! Woo-hoo! Of course, I went in there knowing two things: 1) that this was basically just confirming the pregnancy, and 2) that I was going to have to changing doctors because she was no longer a practicing obstetrician as of September 2011.

First off, the wait was forever, though that’s not entirely unexpected at a doctor’s office nowadays. It surprised me though because several women came in after me and got seen before me, that ALSO left before I even went back; I was only 10 minutes early. Not a big deal.

I did finally go back and, after being weighed (218.6lbs – I’m roughly 20-30lbs overweight since I’m tall) and had my blood pressure taken (normal), I was stuck in a room where they asked me what I was being seen for. “Pretty sure I’m pregnant unless the pregnancy test I took in March lied to me. So, basically, confirmation of pregnancy,” is [roughly] what I said.

Well, apparently the nurse never told my doctor. She came in assuming I needed a pap smear. Really? I had that done less than six months ago! She was wise enough to ask me what I was there for, though. So I told her. Then she remembered me.

“Don’t you already have three toddlers at home?” And her look, oh her look. She was giving me this incredulous look and I wanted to scream, but it was what she said next, after I told that I did, that really made me angry.

“Are you two sure you’re ready for this? It’s a lot to take on another baby if you’re not financially ready.” Really? I didn’t know that. It’s not like I don’t already have three children that I’ve raised from birth, thanks. So I told that, yes, we were and we had some excess coming in because of some unusually cheap bills. $200-$400 extra each month, but I didn’t tell her that part. (And that’s without the, roughly, $1500 worth of child support each month my ex-husband is supposed to send me.)

So I was kind of frosty toward her for the rest of the appointment. She did do a check of my nether regions; oh how I hate it, but it’s necessary, I know. Then she ordered a simple blood test that she said would come back quickly.

I did manage to ask her for a list of references to other OB/GYNs and if I qualified for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). She discussed the VBAC with me, hesitantly, before saying that I did and then went and got a reference list, highlighting the names that she thought practiced VBACs.

I was never more grateful.

Though, then the blood test came back and, yup. I’m pregnant. 🙂


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